International kindergarten
Билингвальность с детства
Kids`Estate has been recognised as one of the “100 Best Preschool Educational Establishments in Russia
  • Bilingual since childhood
  • Individual approach 
  • Support of experts
  • Preparation for adult life
  • Environmental education

AboutFuture – School of Right Skills

Come to us if you want your child to be successful in the 21st century.

Prepare your child for life in the digital era together with a team of Experts!

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If you would like to see where your child would take classes, we can arrange an excursion around our kindergarten at your convenience.

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Special offer only in April and May!

The following discount will be granted when signing a contract for the next year and making a payment in advance:
- for trimester – 40% discount for the initial installment,
- for six months (two trimesters) - 70% discount for the initial installment,
- for year (three trimesters) – 90% discount for the initial installment.
Plus fixing of the current price.