International kindergarten
Getting to know the world in two languages!

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Bilingual environment since childhood
  • Language immersion from the age of 1
  • Experienced teachers  from the UK and the USA
  • International children’s community
  • Education in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard and the international standards
Unique approach to the learning process
  • Unified multidisciplinary learning programme in both languages
  • Class projects
  • Children learning through physical demonstrations, visual aids and exploring their environments
Developmental support
  • Full specialist developmental assessment
  • Child psychologist, speech therapist and neuropsychologist support
  • Individually tailored programme for each child
  • Continuous assessment
Preparing your child for school life
  • Introducing children to social situations similar to what they will experience at school
  • Developing social skills
  • Developing curiosity for learning
Экологичность образования©
  • Опора на возрастные особенности детей
  • Внимание к индивидуальным потребностям, способностям и интересам ребенка
  • Целостное развитие как альтернатива чрезмерной интеллектуализации в дошкольный период
  • Энергосберегающие подходы к обучению
  • Здоровый режим дня
Important information!

Join us to celebrate our 14th birthday!!!

Entertainments, masterclasses and excursions!

November 29 from 16.00 till 18.00.

Details by phone +7 (495) 743 43 73

Our advantages

Over 12 years experience in early childhood education

Over the last 12 years we have become the experts in early childcare and education. We do not experiment with your children we do know what we are talking about and what we are doing.

Language immersion from the age of one

In our  kindergarten there are two main languages of everyday life: Russian and English. We consider that in early childhood efficient language learning is possible only through continuous and comfortable immersion of the child in the language environment.

Comprehensive preparation for Russian and International schools

Our program meets the standards of both Russian and international education, therefore our graduates are ready to continue their education in any school. Due to the high level of education in Kids Estate our children successfully enter in the best Moscow, European and American schools. 

The biggest secured children’s playground in the centre of Moscow

Our kindergarten is located in the 19th century mansion and has the biggest among the private kindergarten in the city, secured, enclosed, green children’s playground with large verandas and play space. It is a real oasis in the middle of megalopolis.

Safety and comfort

Our children are in harmony with themselves and environment, healthy, fed with tasty and healthy food, in comfort and safety at the kindergarten grounds. We fulfill all the requirements of EMERCOM (The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters) and Rospotrebnadzor (the Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance). We act on the basis of the license of the Moscow Department of Education.

Multicultural environment

A person of the future is the global person. The international team of children and teachers in KidsEstate naturally assists our pupils to form the sensitivity to different languages and cultures, tolerance, high level of adaptability and accordingly give them the advantages in the rapid changing environment.

Our team

Maria Urazova
Director of English Studies
Natalia Vodyaga
Deputy Director of Learning Support
Beverly Milhoan
English Teacher
Timothy Garth
English Teacher
Elena Ignatieva
Founder. CEO
Sergey Yakovlev
Martial Arts Teacher
Diana Eremeeva
English Teacher, Nursery Teacher
Sabrina Morton
English Teacher
Nikolay Alyabiev
Managing director
Anastasia Simonova
English Teacher
Tatiana Petrina
Laura Abramova
Speech Therapist, Head of Developmental Support
Maria Bykova
Nursery Teacher
Svetlana Myagkova
Nursery Teacher
Laura Stuk
English Teacher
Tatiana Lagutkina
Maria Schultz
Development Director
Valentina Popova
Valeria Chubova
Valentina Yaschenko
Fine Arts Teacher, Head of «Arts&Crafts» group
Ekaterina Koroleva
Music Teacher
Julia Zeligman
Tatiana Pirozhnik