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Частный детский сад Kids’ Estate посещают 70 детей разных национальностей, у нас звучит более 10 языков народов Европы и мира.  Всего у нас около 500  выпускников.


С 2015-2017  учебного года в детском саду Kids’ Estate реализовывается принцип «мобильного образования»©, который отвечает современным мировым тенденциям в образовании.


Currently over 70 children from 10 different countries attend Kids' Estate.


In 2015 "Kids` Estate" was the winner of the competition " 100 Best Preschool Educational Establishments in Russia” for the development and implementation of the preschoolers program "ESL curriculum for preschoolers"/"English as a second language".
In 2015, Elena Ignatieva won the competition "Business woman of the year 2015" conducted by "Ernst & Young". We were awarded the special prize of "Excellent reputation".
In 2015, children`s creative workshop "Kids` Estate" participated in the first special competition for kids "The great art of the little man".


In 2014 Kids' Estate's “ESL curriculum for preschoolers” has been recognized as one of the leaders of the “Innovativeness in Education” competition, held nationwide.
In 2014 Kids' Estate was recognized as one of the “100 Best Preschool Educational Establishments in Russia” for implementing the “ESL curriculum for pre-schoolers”.


In 2013 the teaching staff of Kids' Estate launched their very own unique program “ESL curriculum for pre-schoolers”©.
Later that year we started a musical studio which stages performances in English and uses costumes and decorations created by our children.


In 2012 Kids' Estate was granted an education license by Moscow's department of education.
We started with several kindergarten groups and language and sport courses for children ages 1.5 – 8.


In the spring of 2011 Kids Estate entered a new stage of its' development by moving to a new and spacious location on Granatny periulok.


In 2006, as part of our kindergarten program, we began our Yoga classes based on Marsha Wenig's method “Yoga Kids”. The following year we also introduced Aikido classes.


In 2005 we started a drama group which to this day brought us over 20 different performances by our children and teachers. Children in this group create their own costumes and decorations.
In response to increasing demand we started a full-day kindergarten program in 2005.


The author's course " Young lady" has been launched. It includes courtesy  classes , household arts, history of arts and choreography. 


Kids' Estate was founded in 2003 by Elena Ignateva and Julia Zeligman (both graduated from London School of Economics in 1996-1997) as a children's club for studying English. We started several groups for children ages 1-7. Along with English studies the program covered Russian school preparation, music, and art lessons. A year later we launched a special program for girls which covered the basics of history of art, classical dance, and home economics.

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