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Ирина Капкина
Преподаватель английского языка

Работает в ЧУ ДОО «Детское Поместье» с 2019 года.

В 2016 году окончила Барановичский Государственный университет. Училась на факультете славянских и германских языков по специальности "английский язык, информатика ". Была присвоена педагогическая категория.

Ирина обладает личностными качествами, необходимыми для успешной реализации педагогической деятельности, такие как педагогическая этика, ответственность, общая культура, доброе отношение к детям.
Ирина очень открытый и располагающий к себе человек. Она без труда умеет установить контакт с детьми и к каждому старается подобрать индивидуальный подход.

Jill Roese
English Teacher


Jill is from New York City and holds a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages from Columbia University.  She has spent the past two years in Daugavpils, Latvia teaching English and Russian as Foreign Languages and working as a translator and editor.  She has 12 years’ experience as a New York City elementary school teacher (grades K through 5) and holds a New York State teaching license.  She has worked as a certified TEFL instructor since 2015.  Her interests include travel, literature, and cooking. 


Jordan Robinson
English Teacher


Jordan is a native English speaker who graduated from the University of Portsmouth in England in 2017 with a degree in English Literature. At University he experienced tutoring students of all ages. In 2019 Jordan obtained his TEFL certificate for teaching English as a foreign language. He has always had an interest in Russia and is relishing the opportunity to work here. Jordan loves working with children of any age and enjoys the challenges involved with teaching children of varied abilities. Jordan’s interests include reading science-fiction and watching films.

Jordan is a kind, attentive person and understands that all children are individuals with their own specific needs and abilities.


Sergey Yakovlev
Martial Arts Teacher

He has been working for the private organization of preschool and supplementary education "DetskoePomestye” since 2012.

He graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism with qualification of an expert in Physical Education, Sports.

Sergey is the Master of Sports of the RF in karate, the black belt, 4th level, and the sport scientist.

Sergey has been working with children over 20 years. His trainees including the Kids Estate’s pupils regularly win the prizes at the international events and championships.

In 2016 our graduate took the second place at the Club World Championship in karate among 8-9 years of age in Italy.

10 October 2016 KidsEstate’s graduate of 2015 took the first place at the Open City Children and Young All Styles Karate Tournament.

Diana Eremeeva
English Teacher, Nursery Teacher

She has been working for the private organization of preschool and supplementary education "DetskoePomestye” since 2017.

She graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University and was awarded the qualification of a linguist. 


Diana is a very reasonable and responsible girl. She teaches classes for a group of 4 years old kids and each her English lesson turns into an exciting story. Diana can easily transform herself into different characters that brings joy and surprises our pupils at children's matinees and parties.

Ekaterina Adalina
English Teacher

She has been working for the private company preschool educational establishment “Detskoye Pomestye” since 2017. She graduated from the Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute named after M. E. Evseyeva with a Bachelor degree.

Ekaterina is a very reliable girl. She teaches English classes for the senior groups and "Evening English" club. Ekaterina is a very creative individual. 

Cooking classes which she gives in cooperation with the little cooks are very exciting and popular. Only new recipes for delicious dishes and the Queen’s English are used while cooking.

Patrick Sawyer
English Teacher


Patrick is an English native speaker, qualified teacher from Virginia, USA. After graduating from the Longwood University in 2012 with degree in global politics, Patrick went to Paris, where he began to teach English to pupils of different age starting from 3 and older.

For 3 years Patrick taught English in such schools as “Les Petits Bilangues”, “Palma Speak”, and independently gave private lessons to children and adults. At schools, Patrick developed the curriculum, selected and wrote materials for the lessons in accordance with the age, level and interests of each student.

In addition, Patrick prepared his students for the international examinations, such as KET, PET, TOEFL. As Patrick says, it is always equally comfortable for him to work with the youngest students and with adults, and he always performs his job with enthusiasm and responsibility, whether playing games in kindergarten or preparing for exams.


Anastasia Simonova
English Teacher

Experience in teaching is 2 years.

She has been working for the private organization of preschool and supplementary education "DetskoePomestye” since 2015.

She graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University and was awarded the qualification of a teacher of preschool pedagogy and psychology, foreign language (English) teacher.

Besides, she graduated from the Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music with qualification of a choirmaster, music teacher.

Anastasia is a very creative, soft and sensitive to children.

In addition to the work with the senior groups, Nastya runs "Evening English" classes, where every evening becomes the bright and memorable event.

Anna Shapoval
Nursery teacher

She has been working for the private preschool educational organization (CHU DOO) "Detskoe Pomestye” since 2017.

She graduated from the State-Financed Educational Institution of the Secondary Level Professional Education. Teacher Training College No 16 with qualification of Art teacher.

Since 2014 she has been studying “Social Psychology” at the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education.

Anna has a keen interest in art therapy, she constantly participates in the art therapy workshops.


She agrees with the Viktor Frankl’s opinion, who noted that “we’re never too old—or too young—to learn, it is always just in time..”

Marina Urkina
Nursery Teacher


She has been working at KidsEstate since autumn of 2018. She graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute (formerly – named after Lenin) with a Bachelor degree. She gained the qualification of the psychologist-teacher of preschool education. She has the following additional certificates:

  • "Use of the motivational component in forming the children's interest in learning at the stage of pre-school preparation with the help of the textbooks issued by publishing house" VACO "
  • "The role of game in the socialization of children of preschool age"
  • "Children's aggression, what should we do?"
  • "Children's initiative supporting technologies in the educational process of an up-to-date kindergarten"
  • "The possibilities of digital didactics in forming the basis for learning activity in the senior preschool age"
  • "Emotional intelligence as a skill of the 21st century".


Marina is hard working and tries to bring her own ideas into the pedagogical process in the preparatory group. She is enthusiastic and attracts children, empathizes with children and supports them in their initiatives. She tries to teach the children to negotiate with each other and to cope with routine that is so necessary before entering the school.

Tatiana Kiryanova
Nursery teacher

She has been working for the private preschool educational organization (CHU DOO) "Detskoe Pomestye” since 2019.

In 2011 she graduated from the “Mitino Pedagogical College No. 18”, qualified as a teacher of preschool-age children. Physical Education Supervisor”.

In 2015, she graduated from the Moscow City Pedagogical University with a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogical Education.

She participated in such Research-to-Practice Conferences of the Moscow City Pedagogical University as "Preschool education in the contemporary world: experience, concerns, future considerations ", "Adult in the social development of a preschooler." In 2016-2017, she completed the advanced training courses ”Information and communication technologies and Internet resources in the professional activity of a preschool teacher, “Organization and planning of cognitive-research activities of preschoolers "," The development of logical-analytical and algorithmic thinking using a metasubject approach to teaching "at the Moscow Institute of Open Education. She has 7 years’ experience in teaching preschoolers. Tatiana is responsible, friendly, sensitive and attentive. Her pedagogical moto is “Not a child should understand you, but you should understand a child. Just because you were a child, and the child has not been an adult yet.





Irina Korobova
Nursery Teacher

She has been working for Kids'Estate since 2018.

In 1997 she graduated from the Teacher Training College in Torzhok, Tver region with a qualification “Teacher of preschool children”.

In 2001 she graduated from the Tver State University with a qualification “Teacher of preschool pedagogy and psychology”.

She completed the advanced training courses under the program of additional professional education for teachers - psychologists of educational institutions at the Tver Regional Institute for Teachers Training.

 10/01/2003 - 06/30/2005 - Lomonosov Moscow State University, professional retraining program "Psychoanalysis of personality and interpersonal relationships."

Irina is a very sociable and open person. She can easily reach out to children and find an individual approach to everyone

Xenia Safroshkina
Dance teacher

She joined the Kids'Estate team in 2018. Experience in teaching is about 7 years.

Xenia graduated from the Maroseika Music Teachers Training College. Prior to joining our team, Ksenia worked as a teacher of music and dance in various preschool educational institutions, clubs and family centers for 6 years. She took part in the production of children's parties, performances and concerts.

In 2012, she completed the course “Rhythmic” under the program of Tatyana Fedorovna Koreneva at the advanced training courses.

Our teacher has not only choreographic skills, but also can perfectly play piano.

Xenia is highly experienced in working with children from 2.5 years old and has a bunch of interesting ideas. Fascinating accessories: maracas, ribbons, tambourines, balls, fabrics, fans are very popular with children. She teaches how to express musical images through dance, coordinate body movements, feel the rhythm, and also interact with each other, focusing on space.

Each her lesson provides an opportunity for improvisation, self-expression and creativity.

Her classes bring joy of movement, develop creative abilities and stir interest in music and dance.

Xenia is a sociable and inspired dance teacher who truly loves children.

Ekaterina Koroleva
Music Teacher

Joined to KidsEstate’s team in 2012.

Experience in teaching is 20 years.

Ekaterina graduated from the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. Prior to become the member of our team Katya had been working as a music teacher at the British International School for 12 years. 

Katya is not only a born teacher, but the stage director and composer.

The performances and holidays produced by Katya are always the talented, bright, original and unique shows. Katya writes scripts herself. But she is capable to capture the personnel’s attention so that all the teachers and even children become her co-authors, discovering the new features and qualities in themselves through the creative work.

In addition Katya is a head of KidsEstate drama group, the performances of which have become our brand identity of recent years. All the performances are in English. They are written and adapted specially for our children by English composer Glyn Williams, Katya’s co-author.

Our performances became the laureates in the “Wonderful apple” international contest of children’s theater groups, won the first and second places.

For the last year working with a girl with disabilities Ekaterina obtained an extensive experience as a music therapist and opened a new side of her competency.

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