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Процесс поступления в Kids’ Estate


For admission to Kids Estate it is required to conclude the contract with the private organization of preschool and supplementary education "Detskoe Pomestye".

The following documents shall be attached to the contract:

List of the documents required for admission

  1. Copy of the child's birth certificate/ child’s passport
  2. Copy of one parent’s passport
  3. Standard application form
  4. Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account (SNILS) of the child
  5. Certificate of child health examination (26-U medical form), test results for enterobiasis and helminth ova and medical certificate signed by the child's pediatrician, confirming that the child has not had any contact with the contagious patients for 21 days.

You are strictly required to inform us about the following cases:

  • If you choose not to vaccinate your child for any reason
  • If your child was operated, injured or seriously ill
  • If your child is prescribed to restrict physical activities
  • If your child has suffered from any stresses the consequences of which can have impact on his/her health and behavior in some way or another
  • If you child has allergy, food restriction, etc.

All of mentioned above should not considered as the impediment to kindergarten attendance. We need to have the given information to ensure comfort and security of your child in the best possible way.


Prior to making the contract one of our psychologist tests the child in order to understand your child and identify which group would be the most comfortable for your child; to learn his/her personality, needs and discuss his/her individual learning route with you.


The contract is concluded for ONE YEAR, from 1 September until 31 May. The amount of the contract shall not be changed. The payment for kindergarten attendance is made monthly before 25 day of every month or by trimesters. The payment for the summer months and additional services is made separately on the basis of additional contract.


  • 10% discount in case of quarterly payments
  • 10% discount for siblings


If you would like to see where your child would take classes, we can arrange an excursion around our kindergarten at your convenience.

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