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12 years of KidsEstate!

Everything started from English – Russian Child’s Club for kids coming along with their mothers.

Later when the children grew up, they did not want to leave our wonderful teachers and home environment of our Club and as a consequence by parents’ requests the “full day group” and kindergarten were opened respectively.

Life in our kindergarten flourished, we became better, the groups were enhanced, new additional workshops and study groups were arranged and as result the awards and prizes for participation in different competitions including international ones were achieved.

We put a unique team of professionals together.

In 2014 the private organization of preschool and supplementary education "DetskoePomestye” became the winner in the competition “100 the best pre-school education institution in Russia” for development and implementation of the authorial programme “ESL curriculum for preschoolers”.

And in spring this year Elena Ignatieva, Kids Estate director, was granted the special prize “Impeccable Reputation” at the contest “Business women 2015” arranged by «Ernst&Young».

Our first graduates are grown up now; we remember them and are proud of everyone.

Our motto: “We welcome every child”. And that is really so. We focus on their capability, do not deny the child with special needs and develop the individual learning routes.

We have to improve and we do it constantly.

And the main thing – for our children and teachers every day is a delighted life in kindergarten. We are all from childhood).



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