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Graduation 2021!

Last week, Kids' Estate hosted a graduation ceremony - such an important, sad and funny event at the same time.

Children from older groups prepared a whole performance in English, in which they told the story of courageous sailors-travelers who are ready to overcome any difficulties in order to get on their ship to the country “Cleveland” (the Land of Knowledge).

Our pupils had to solve riddles, sing songs in English and Russian, recite poetry and play musical instruments in order to regain the items necessary for long voyage, which were kidnapped by the villain Captain Hook (“Captain Hook”).

The children not only successfully completed all the tasks, but also melted the heart of the old pirate, who wanted to become a faithful friend of our brave wanderers.

The graduates also thanked their teachers and educators for their care and attention and presented flowers to all adults of the Kids’ Estate.

We will remember our graduates of 2021 as kind, sincere and incredibly musical children!


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