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people & baby Group

People&Kids is a subsidiary of people&baby, the first daycare company in France (Paris), established in 2004 by Odile Broglin, a pediatric nurse, and Christophe Durieux, an entrepreneur.

In France, people&baby builds and administrates nurseries, providing children with unique accommodation facilities: 5,300 early childhood professionals take care of the little ones on a daily basis across the 630 nurseries in its network. All their structures are developed in a partnership with key figures of early childhood and in compliance with the rules and regulations governing the childcare sector in France.

Internationally, people&baby has developed its network of Premium childcare centres and operates its French-style educational programme in 12 countries.

Each and every day, 46,000 parents choose to entrust their children to people&baby. Offering a regular and on-demand reception facility for 0-12 years old, our French and international nurseries propose an educational project fully focused on children’s well-being, rearing and education.

To learn more, visit our web-site: www.people-and-baby.com/en

people&baby in Russia

In Russia, Moscow, people&baby group is represented by three unique daycare centres:
• Kids' Estate kindergarten with an 18-year history, located in an old historical mansion near the famous Patriarch's Ponds;
• People&Kids daycare centre on Bolshaya Polyanka created by people&baby designers from France;
• People&Kids daycare centre located in a good ecological area of Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, near Serebryany Bor (the Silver Pine forest).

If you would like to know more about the daycares, visit our web-site: https://www.people-and-kids.ru/en/discover-our-network/

If you would like to see where your child would take classes, we can arrange an excursion around our kindergarten at your convenience.

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