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Рarents' reviews

Lyudmila Chemerichko
Mother of Nastya, 6 years old

Thank you. From the very first day of our visit to the kindergarten, the child feels happy and flies there every day. For this, tremendous credit goes to the work of the whole team, starting from the arrangement of the internal procedures, study groups, work of the psychologists, speech therapists and, of course, finishing with the performances and drama group!! Transfer of your emotions, warmth, kindness and knowledge is invaluable. We are happy that you are available!



Eugenia Yastrebova
Mother of Allessia (6 years old) and Aurora (3 years)

My kids are bilingual (Russian and Italian languages from birth) and I have sent them to KidsEstate from an early age so that they can begin to learn English as well. I couldn't wait when the younger daughter turned 2 years in order to take her to the kindergarten on the following day, as the teaching staff and programs here match all my preferences in the upbringing and education of children. Everything takes the form of games and the kids like it a lot. Moreover, the elder daughter asked me to enroll her to additional English classes in the evenings. And now, when we are flying in the English-speaking countries, the children themselves try to speak, meet their counterparts, make orders in the restaurants, and buy tickets for the amusement rides. I am very happy that Kids Estate exists! And I have made my choice!

Liliya Limpias-Kostova
Boyan’s mother

If you only knew how happy can be mother knowing that her child loves her kindergarten, runs there every day with great pleasure and misses very much being on holiday. All of that is precisely about my child :)) The kindergarten for her is the second family where absolutely everyone who works in the kindergarten loves her, waits for her every day and gladly meets. There is hardly another kindergarten where a nurse says the child having returned to the kindergarten after illness how she missed him/her. But our Tanya is just the same. Not everywhere, not every public or private kindergarten has a cook who will worry why the child has not eaten a pie or if the child is going to be picked up earlier the cook will give him/her some snacks ensuring that the child will be fed :)) I'm not even talking about the teachers, each of whom tries to help the child receive the necessary knowledge feeling psychologically comfortable. For kids it is much more important than knowledge itself. Responsive and very helpful psychologist Natasha carefully and tirelessly observes our children solving their difficult situations and helping children cope with them. In the kindergarten our daughter likes to live a full life but not to spend time, their life is very rich in the events and there is no place for boredom and idleness. I am pleased that the children are busy all the time; they receive all required skills and face the disciplinary actions while playing. We are very happy that our Boyan has such kindergarten with its unusual positive energy and wonderful persons.

Svetalana Kondratyeva
Mother of Misha, 2 years and 8 months

We learnt about Kids Estate last year when I was seeking the educational classes for young children in the centre of Moscow. Misha was just a baby, 1 year and 4 months and scarcely started speaking. Nevertheless, he was kindly taken into a group for children of 2 and above. It was the first thing that had impressed me in the kindergarten – they admit everyone and nobody can be denied! For a year we attended Kids Estate twice a week and I understood I did not want another kindergarten for my child in future. Everything is here imbued with care, attention and love to children. There is the real home environment here, the children feel comfortable. Moreover, Kids Estate offers English, Art, Music classes and PE. In general, here there is everything what is necessary for child. Now Misha attends the kindergarten on a regular basis. He starts using English words in his speech, singing English songs. In the morning he is always in a hurry to the kindergarten and does not want to leave it in the evening. All the facts assure me that I have made the right choice of kindergarten for my child.

Yuliya Tsertseil
Mother of Bogdan, 5 years

As for us, we chose the kindergarten based on such criteria as favorable environment for the psycho emotional development of child. It was of high priority for us as our son started speaking very late, after 3 years. And we found what we had been looking for. It was Kids Estate. The child is perfectly adapted. Considering that the kindergarten’s infrastructure meets all the standards of children’s institutions, i.e. the private yard and playground, gym and assembly hall, rooms for individual classes are available; all of that speak in favor of the kindergarten. Moreover, in the evening our child attends the sport’s classes and it obviates the need to find the other places for development of our child. We are very happy to attend this kindergarten. Separately I would like to emphasize that English classes are held by native-speakers. Foreign language is closely linked with our life now. So we welcome its studying in kindergarten. Thank you.

Violetta Andreevna Mironova
Mother of Nikita and Alena

Last year we successfully graduated from Kids` Estate. My children are fully prepared to school and as September showed they entered the new stage of their life with a good knowledge base. According to their age they have an excellent level of English, at school it becomes immediately obvious that level of their development is head and shoulders above the rest. I would like to express deep gratitude to all the teachers for their patience and good grounding of our children.

Yana Velichko
Mother of Arisha and Vadim

The best kindergarten! All nursery teachers are professional, the psychologist is incredible, and the head mistress is a super woman!

Veronika Fedotova
Danya’s mother

Hello, I have wanted to write a review of our kindergarten for a long time and now I can find time for it. We have been attending Kids` Estate for two years and during that period we become accustomed to all the children and teachers. My child attends all the classes with great pleasure and in the evening we go to the Art classes. Before Kids` Estate he was reluctant to communicate with his counterparts and it stressed me out very much. At present my child has turned to communication, he likes to play with other children. I see how he is socially developing.  At home he unceasingly talks about new knowledge received at kindergarten, about new English words, games, about his day. I would like to thank all the teachers working for Kids` Estate. It is very important to create such environment for the child as he would like to attend kindergarten. We successfully went through adaptation period and I liked this fact very much as well. Now we go to the kindergarten with great relish.

Elena Karabanova
Stephanie’s mother

We have been attending the wonderful kindergarten “Detskoye pomestie” for 3 years. It is a very cozy place, beautiful building, corner of peace and relaxation in the centre of Moscow.

We come here as we come at home. The child never asked us to leave her at home instead of kindergarten. After all, the inviting atmosphere, attentive nurses and teachers are waiting for her in the kindergarten. They have taught our daughter to speak English, read, write, draw and a lot of other things. The speech therapist worked at missing sounds.

Stephanie made a lot of new friends with whom she can communicate outside the kindergarten. We are indeed pleased with this fact. Only one year is left for us to be here and now it is difficult to imagine how we can manage without our kindergarten having become very close to us.

Thanks to all of you, our dear teachers!

Gratefully from Elena, Stesha’s mom!

Anna Shirokova
Angelina’s mother

Unfortunately we go to Kids` Estate last time this year, we have grown up. For several years of study my child obtained the big bundle of knowledge and became very sociable. The teachers have managed to achieve the main goal – to give the child motivation to study. We gladly attend almost all the classes at the Club, English is a favorite hobby. In the kindergarten our child feels comfortable as far as possible and communicates with all the children. The teachers are very sensitive and wise. Now in kindergarten’s classrooms our child is actively preparing for school. I would like to say thank you very much for such care of my child.

Angelica Romanova
Vadim’s mother

Since last year our son has been eager to go to Kids` Estate. Calm and confidential atmosphere, sensitive and kind teachers. All the teachers are creative, enthusiastic. I like individual approach to every child, in fact in an initial stage the child needs it more than ever. The teachers are constantly working with children with interest and in a variety of ways. A lot of different interest groups and workshops are in the kindergarten, as for us in the evening we go to the Martial arts. Thank you so much for being there!

Marfa’s parents

Entering the Club you immediately feel the atmosphere of goodwill and kind attention to children. Cleanness, calm and soft speech.

Results of Marfa’s study were immediate: her speech became more distinct, she started to use both English and native words. This is the merit of brilliant teachers, Tim and Anna. Marfa’s independence is also a result of teachers’ work.

Club’s staff integration and cohesion is first of all a merit of its leader, Elena Nikolayevna.

Thank you very much for your sincere love to children!

With kind regards and appreciation from Marfa’s parents

Tatyana Ishkhanova
Dima’s mother

The atmosphere of good will, respect and care of children lives in the Club. There is a good childcare, training, especially English with native speakers. I hope that sincere affection to our children will always live in the hearts of the Club’s staff (despite the crisis in our country at present).

I wish you good luck and prosperity.

Galina Kulikova
Mother of Mark and Denis

Wonderful garden! Considering that the word “garden” means the place where flowers and different fruits are grown, I have no doubt that in this “garden” the wonderful children will grow up. Fully trust your Club.

Tamara Vladimirovna
Margarita’s mother

There is a very warm, friendly environment in the Club. My child likes to go to the Club very much. He delightedly goes there. It is very good when the children are drawing, pasting, cutting and writing – it helps to develop their hand and creative thinking.

As for English I think they teach it correctly here. The children club program does not enforce studying English, but instills knowledge. We sing English song at home, speak sometimes. Language is well introduced through games.

Thanks all the teachers for their patience!

Gulnaz Rakitskaya
Mother of Dariya and Volodya

Both of my children have been attending "Kids’ Estate" kindergarten for several years. I heard only enthusiastic reviews from them. Last year my elder daughter Dariya changed the kindergarten to school (to her regret), but after a year, when we take the younger brother away from the kindergarten  we have to persuade her to go home as she wants to stay in the kindergarten.

The kindergarten is located at the protected area in the historical centre of Moscow. On the children’s playground there are always a lot of flowers and there is a beautiful Christmas tree in winter. Environment in the kindergarten is very friendly – they see only good features in our children and develop them. Holidays in our kindergarten are the real HOLIDAYS: i.e. songs, dances, entertainments and parent’s participation. Especially I would like to express our appreciation not only to the teachers but to two nurses named Tanechka. They are the kindest women who have angelic patience and skill to anticipate the child’s wish. They can persuade, explain and calm. How they are emotionally involved in the performance of every child!

Besides the preschool preparation the children learn music, singing and various forms of art and take perfect yoga trainings. At art classes the children do performances and very often make the stage-property for it. English has a high priority. The results of it became obvious when our elder daughter came to British International School where all the subjects were taught in English. It took only some months for her to adapt in the school due to the copious vocabulary obtained in "Kids’ Estate".

I would like to express my gratitude to all staff of the children’s club, which works as a big family. Thank you for your love to our children! I am very happy that my children happened to study here. I am sure that every child enrolled in "Kids’ Estate" will be happy and the parents will be satisfied with comprehensive development of their child and care which he/she will receive here.

Gulnaz Rakitskaya, mother of Dariya (attended kindergarten from 2003 till 2008) and Volodya (attended kindergarten from 2006 till 2009). At present both are pupils of British International School.

Maria Nasonova
Misha’s mother

Magnificent Club! A very charitable, kind and competent personnel works there! It is the very thing that children needs in this age. Our child never refused to go to the kindergarten and it is certainly a merit of the teachers.

Natalia Klychkova

I would like to express my gratitude to the teaching staff for their great creative work with our children, for their patience and sincere affection to our children, for their intent to pass them all the best of their skills. Especially I would like to emphasize the warm, cozy and home atmosphere which you could create. The children attend your Club with great pleasure. The teachers are the real friends of our children.

With sincere gratitude and good wishes, Natalia Klychlova

Elena Renkas
Masha’s mother

I like everything very much. Masha gladly attends the Club and misses when she is ill. Progress in English is obvious. She is fascinated by yoga. All the teachers are very attentive. All concerns are discussed with parents and the solution is found together. It is always clean, warm and cozy.

Thank you for being there. We are happy that the Club has become the part of Masha’s life!

Liliya Tabulina
Grandmother of Dasha

Our Dashenka likes to attend classes at your club very much. The classes are very interesting and useful. And it is very important for children at this age. The teachers are very attentive; they always try to motivate the child. It's unfortunate that we have found your club so late.

Thanks for your Club!!!

Irina Zhidnova
Vanechka’s mother

I liked very much the warm relationship with children and the fact that the parents are allowed to visit classes. My child could learn English words in short time. They touch different aspects of the child development. There is no compulsion. All these factors help child feel comfortable. I also leant a lot of new information at your classes. Watching my son I understood what he preferred and how he acted being a team player. Communication with you has given us a lot of positive emotions and impressions. It is a pity to part from you, but we do hope for a new meeting.

Thank you very much,

Vanechka’s mother

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