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Yuliya Tsertseil

Mother of Bogdan, 5 years

As for us, we chose the kindergarten based on such criteria as favorable environment for the psycho emotional development of child. It was of high priority for us as our son started speaking very late, after 3 years. And we found what we had been looking for. It was Kids Estate. The child is perfectly adapted. Considering that the kindergarten’s infrastructure meets all the standards of children’s institutions, i.e. the private yard and playground, gym and assembly hall, rooms for individual classes are available; all of that speak in favor of the kindergarten. Moreover, in the evening our child attends the sport’s classes and it obviates the need to find the other places for development of our child. We are very happy to attend this kindergarten. Separately I would like to emphasize that English classes are held by native-speakers. Foreign language is closely linked with our life now. So we welcome its studying in kindergarten. Thank you.


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