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Творческая мастерская

Kids love to paint, model, cut and paste, design. It gives them an opportunity to express themselves and to show what they like. We pay a lot of attention to kids’ artistic creativity.

At our centre the children are led by an experienced teacher, who is herself a talented, young artist. She will guide them, as they take their first steps in art, in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, without restricting their creativity.

The lessons are thoroughly planned and aimed at developing the children's imagination, coordination and fine motor skills. By using all different kinds of materials and various painting and modelling techniques the kids will develop a sense of proportion and colours.

The joyful world of paint, plasticine and crafts awaits your children at our centre. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our lessons.

If you would like to see where your child would take classes, we can arrange an excursion around our kindergarten at your convenience.

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