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At the Robotics classes children from 4 to 6 learn to design robots and operate them!

The experienced teacher from Robolab in an entertaining manner presents the technology to children, and what is more important, he teaches them how to “revive” the robot using a PC. Robotics allows to plunge into the magic world of science, technology, designing and mathematics. It is the first and very important step to learn programming. 

These fascinating classes are the effective means to reach a whole set of educational objectives:

  • to present the basic principles of robotechnics and automatic control technology;
  • to cultivate love of exact sciences;
  • to develop vocabulary;
  • to develop skills in engineering, designing and programming;
  • to develop communication skills, exchange of ideas, and to teach how to work in team and independently;
  • to develop logical and creative thinking;
  • to teach how to find alternative creative decisions by means of “brainstorming” technique;
  • to teach how to establish the cause – effect relationship, carry out the experimental researches, impact assessment, outcome analysis and find decisions using systematic monitoring and measurement;

Robotics classes help to develop concentration, power of observation, independence, persistence, patience, imagination, logic, creative abilities, abstract thinking.

But what is the most important the children like these classes very much!

If you would like to see where your child would take classes, we can arrange an excursion around our kindergarten at your convenience.

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