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Developmental Support

Tatiana Petrina

Since 2014 until present she receives patients, performs diagnosis, and carries out consultations and therapy for children.

In 2008 she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy majoring in “Psychology”, and in 2009 from the Moscow Institute of Mental Therapy and Clinical Psychology majoring in “Clinical psychology”.

She undertook an internship at the research-and-development center of pediatric neuropsychology under the supervision of Zh. M. Glozman in 2009, and completed the refresher course at the centre of therapeutic pedagogy in 2011-2012.

In 2015 she completed 3 training modules of applied behavioral analysis (АВА) at the center “Our sunny world” of J. Ertz.


Key Focus Areas:

  • Neuropsychological diagnostics of children, identification of the individual differences of data analysis
  • Assessment of readiness for school (for children of 5-6 years), prevention of learning disabilities
  • Analysis of learning activities: diagnosis of writing and reading. Assistance in overcoming of learning difficulties
  • Testing of play activities. Playing, learning and correctional exercises.
  • Development of the individual correctional exercises. Therapy.
  • Use of methods and approaches of applied behavioral analysis, WB-MAPP testing, development of the individual program.
Laura Abramova
Speech Therapist, Head of Developmental Support

Experience in teaching is more than 30 years.

She has been working for the KidsEstate since 2015.

She graduated from the Herzen Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute with qualification of a speech therapist.

She took several courses, such as “Speech therapists for psychological & medical commissions and centers”, “Psychological & pedagogical diagnostics, Early Infantile Autism”, “Diagnostics and correction”, “Methodology for abnormalities”, “Child speech pathology”, “Logopedic massage”.

Laura Vladilenovna spares no efforts to surround kids with atmosphere of kindness, trust and good will so that the kids leave the classes in good mood and wish to come back.

Communicating with children Laura Vladilenovna adheres to the statement:”We should not be next to or above children, but should be together with them!” Her aim is to help every child become a person. Every meeting with her becomes a source of joy for children.

Based on the approach of “zone of proximal development” Laura Vladilenovna can reveal the personality of every child no matter how the group mates consider him/her, “strong” or “weak” person.

Liliya Melnikova

The educational psychologist has been working for the private company preschool educational establishment “Detskoye Pomestye” since 2018. She graduated from the Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky with qualification of a psychologist and a teacher of psychology.


She completed the professional retraining according to a program “Pedagogy and psychology of education through the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard”.  She attended and completed a course “Practices and techniques of modification of disorders in emotional-volitional sphere of children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delay and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.”


Liliya works with the children of the younger groups. Her gentle manner of interacting with pupils and their parents makes the adaptation process very comfortable and fast.

Galiya Abdullina

She graduated from the Higher School of Psychology named after Lomov (Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences) with the qualification of a consulting psychologist and a teacher of psychology.” She attended and completed a refresher course “Neuropsychological diagnosis and correction” at the Lomov Higher School of Psychology (Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences). She completed the professional retraining according to a program “Clinical psychology” at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. She works within “Family systems therapy” and considers the love of children, the trust of parents and the respect of colleagues as her major achievement.


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