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Jill Roese
English Teacher

Jill is from New York City and holds a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages from Columbia University. She has spent the past two years in Daugavpils, Latvia teaching English and Russian as Foreign Languages and working as a translator and editor. She has 12 years’ experience as a New York City elementary school teacher (grades K through 5) and holds a New York State teaching license. She has worked as a certified TEFL instructor since 2015. Her interests include travel, literature, and cooking.

Julia Timonina
Nursery teacher

In 2019, Julia graduted with honours from the Moscow Pedagogical State University. During her studies she took an active part in a number of professional competitions ("The Teacher of Moscow") and successfully completed her internship at School №507.
Julia is also the Candidate Master of Sports of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics, she represented her University at student competitions in sports, rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics, as well as sports and fitness aerobics.
She has experience in working with preschoolers, as well as in teaching rhythmic gymnastics individually and in groups (she taught rhythmic gymnastics at a private international kindergarten).
Julia is a very positive and open-minded person, and this helps her find common language with children. She knows how to keep discipline in the class while remaining soft and friendly towards her pupils.

Tatiana Belova
Additional Education Teacher

Tatiana graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University majoring in "Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures", and is currently doing her Master’s degree at the Russian State University for the Humanities.
Tatiana speaks English and Italian languages (she has successfully passed the CILS exam proving her high competence in Italian).
She has been teaching both – English and Italian – for 1,5 years, and has experience in working with preschoolers (worked as a junior nursery teacher at a kindergarten).
Tatiana gets along well with children of all ages, knows how to find individual approach to each of her little students and involve them in games and educational activities. Her love for children together with ability to listen, responsibility and compassion helps her manage the learning process efficiently

Yaroslav Savin
Teacher, football, PE

He has been working in the CHU DOO "Detskoe Pomestye" since 2019.

He graduated with honors from the Russian State University of Sports, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE).

Multiple winner of all-Russian and regional football competitions. Participant of several international fitness festivals.

He worked in children's football schools as a coach, methodologist, project development manager. He is involved in different activities: football, physical education, children's fitness.

He thinks that the main goal of his activity is to bring up a generation of children who will like physical activity, who will have good coordination and, in general, a motor skill required for further development in the selected sport, or just in an active life.

At his classes, he tries to teach by personal example and actively participates in all exercises and games.

Snezhana Sadova
Choreographer, dance teacher

In 2018 Snezhana graduted with honours from South China Normal University (SCNU, Guangzhou) and passed the Chinese proficiency test (HSK 6) proving her advanced level of the Chinese language. Apart from Chinese, she is also fluent in English and speaks a little bit of French.
As for Snezhana’s experience in choreography, she was an artist of the dance ballet «Malvina» (a four-time winner of the Grand Prix of the All-Russian Competition of Ballet Dancers and Choreographers).
Since 2019, she worked as a choreographer at People&Kids Children’s Center in Guangzhou, teaching dance to children of ages 2.5 - 8 years old, both in English and Chinese, and preparing them for performances at various concerts and festivals.
In June 2019, the group of Snezhana’s students took part at the festival of talents “China seeks the star “Tao Li Bei” winning the 2nd place among 84 performing groups from Guangdong Province.
Working in China with the children from different countries, Snezhana developed her own teaching method: at her classes she shows children not only how to move beautifully (familiarizing them with different music styles, rhythms and creative movements), but also how to live emotions through the dance.

Alexey Baranov
Creative Thinking and Maths Teacher

Alexey graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical State University with a Master’s degree (Faculty of preschool pedagogy and psychology, majoring in Education of Senior Preschool Children). He works with children of ages 5-10, focusing on the development of imagination and preparation for school (Maths).
Alexey has extensive teaching practice: he has worked in a number of pre-school institutions in Moscow, as well as at school (1st-4th grade).

Yana Spiridonova
Сhess teacher

Yana graduated from the Republican Sports School of the Olympic Reserve for Chess, Checkers, Go named after R.G. Nezhmetdinov, becoming the Candidate Master of Sport in chess. She discovered the game in 2005 and has been teaching chess to children since 2019.
Yana participated in numerous chess competitions winning prizes and being awarded such titles as the world blitz champion, the silver medalist of the all-Russian competition «First League» (2015), the bronze medalist of the International Cup “Moscow Open” (2014), rapid chess champion of the Volga Federal District Championship (2014).
Currently, she is doing her Bachelor’s degree at the Higher School of Economics (HSE University) majoring in Jurisprudence, and she is also a member of her University chess team and the coach of the HSE Chess Club.
Yana speaks German and English, leads an active lifestyle and does different types of sports — apart from chess, there are also swimming and curling among her hobbies.

Valeria Platko

Valeria graduated with honors from the Moscow State Linguistic University obtaining a Bachelor degree in Psychology, and is currently doing her Master’s degree at the Moscow State Pedagogical University majoring in “Pedagogical Education".
Valeria has a profound knowledge of general and developmental psychology, knows how to elaborate an efficient psychological training program and has basic sand tray therapy skills. She speaks English and German.
Valeria loves working with preschoolers, she teaches them how to cope with their emotions and build relations with other people, helping her little pupils to prepare for school.
Apart from phychology, Valeria is also passionate about drawing, saberfighting, Kyokushinkai karate and theatre – she used to be a member of the open student theater "Psyche".

Jordan Robinson
English Teacher

Jordan is a native English speaker who graduated from the University of Portsmouth in England in 2017 with a degree in English Literature. At University he experienced tutoring students of all ages. In 2019 Jordan obtained his TEFL certificate for teaching English as a foreign language. He has always had an interest in Russia and is relishing the opportunity to work here. Jordan loves working with children of any age and enjoys the challenges involved with teaching children of varied abilities. Jordan’s interests include reading science-fiction and watching films.

Jordan is a kind, attentive person and understands that all children are individuals with their own specific needs and abilities.

Magomed Dzakhkiev
Additional Education Teacher

Magomed graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University majoring in "Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures" at the Faculty of English under the program including Chinese. He has been teaching languages since 2017. Magomed has successfully passed the IELTS ACADEMIC exam to confirm the advanced level of proficiency in English.
Since 2018 he has worked as a teacher of foreign languages in kindergartens and lyceum.
He completed the course of educational psychology and teaching methods for preschoolers at the Moscow State Linguistic University.
Due to a rather rich experience in the field of teaching, he acquired the skills required for high-quality interaction and successful communication with children of different ages, that helps to competently teach children, taking into account the trait and wishes of every child. He takes a creative approach to classes and try to get all children interested and fully involved in the lesson.

Svetlana Lukanina
Nursery teacher


Svetlana graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University with a degree in Pedagogical Education.

At the University, she had an internship in kindergartens and schools.

She has been working with children since 2015. She prepares children, including children with mental disabilities, for school.

Svetlana regularly takes part in different conferences and seminars of the Distance Institute of Contemporary Education and increases the efficiency of her teaching activities.

She took part in the following events:

The webinar “Inclusive Education. Working with different categories of disabilities. "

The scientific seminar "Methodology of modern education".

The webinar "Whims, stubbornness, aggression and other problems in the behavior of a preschooler."

The online master class “Kindergarten teacher. PRO level ".

Svetlana easily gets on well with children and creatively arranges classes.




Laura Abramova
Speech Therapist

Experience in teaching is more than 30 years. She has been working for the KidsEstate since 2015. She graduated from the Herzen Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute with qualification of a speech therapist. She took several courses, such as “Speech therapists for psychological & medical commissions and centers”, “Psychological & pedagogical diagnostics, Early Infantile Autism”, “Diagnostics and correction”, “Methodology for abnormalities”, “Child speech pathology”, “Logopedic massage”. Laura Vladilenovna spares no efforts to surround kids with atmosphere of kindness, trust and good will so that the kids leave the classes in good mood and wish to come back. Communicating with children Laura Vladilenovna adheres to the statement:”We should not be next to or above children, but should be together with them!” Her aim is to help every child become a person. Every meeting with her becomes a source of joy for children. Based on the approach of “zone of proximal development” Laura Vladilenovna can reveal the personality of every child no matter how the group mates consider him/her, “strong” or “weak” person.
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Anna Shapoval
Nursery teacher

She has been working for the private preschool educational organization (CHU DOO) "Detskoe Pomestye” since 2017.

She graduated from the State-Financed Educational Institution of the Secondary Level Professional Education. Teacher Training College No 16 with qualification of Art teacher.

Since 2014 she has been studying “Social Psychology” at the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education.

Anna has a keen interest in art therapy, she constantly participates in the art therapy workshops.


She agrees with the Viktor Frankl’s opinion, who noted that “we’re never too old—or too young—to learn, it is always just in time..”

Irina Korobova
Nursery Teacher

She has been working for Kids'Estate since 2018.

In 1997 she graduated from the Teacher Training College in Torzhok, Tver region with a qualification “Teacher of preschool children”.

In 2001 she graduated from the Tver State University with a qualification “Teacher of preschool pedagogy and psychology”.

She completed the advanced training courses under the program of additional professional education for teachers - psychologists of educational institutions at the Tver Regional Institute for Teachers Training.

 10/01/2003 - 06/30/2005 - Lomonosov Moscow State University, professional retraining program "Psychoanalysis of personality and interpersonal relationships."

Irina is a very sociable and open person. She can easily reach out to children and find an individual approach to everyone

Valentina Solomennikova
Music Teacher

Valentina graduated with honours from the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, successfully defending her thesis "Genetic, synchronic and diachronic approaches to the folk-singer art of Buryatia".
A laureate of:
— All-Russian and international vocalist competitions;
— State Prize of the Republic of Buryatia;
— Ulan-Ude City Mayor Award.
The winner of the television competition "Let's light the stars with STS". A jury member of international singing competitions.
Valentina is a creative person, positive and active.

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