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У нас в гостях композитор Глин Уильямс

На днях к нам в гости приезжал автор и композитор многих утренников и спектаклей Kids'Estate - Глин Уильямс (г. Ливерпуль). Он присутствовал на музыкальных занятиях ребят и активно участвовал в репетициях театральной студии в преддверии рождественской премьеры спектакля "Chilly-Milly". 


Он улетел, но оставил теплые слова:
"To the lovely children of Kids' Estate. Thank you for making me feel so welcome when I visited your kindergarten in November. It was very nice to hear you speak and sing so well. 'Chilly Milly' and the Christmas songs you are singing will be very good when you perform them in front of your parents. Don't forget to speak slowly and carefully when you are performing - and don't rush when you play the bells! I will be at home in England when you perform but I will be thinking of you. I hope to visit your kindergarten in March and look forward to seeing you all again then. You are very lucky to have Miss Katya and your lovely classroom assistants to help with the words and music I write especially for you. Please pass on my best wishes to Lena and the other staff met.
Best wishes, Glyn".