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Шрутти Гоенко (Индия)

мама Миши, 3 года.

We found Kids'Estate to be a very caring and nurturing environment - where the teachers, nannies and nurses are wonderfully warm and love children. The adult to child ratio is very good and this ensures that all children, especially the very young ones, get very good care and attention. 

We also like the beautiful and secure playground and bright and spacious classrooms. The holidays and celebrations are also celebrated with a lot of joy.  

My daughter, Mishi, is learning both Russian and English at kindergarten and enjoys the English, music and art classes very much - often happily singing the songs she learns in kindergarten at home. One of her fondest memories is her birthday celebration at the kindergarten :)

Her group is quite international and from across the world. She likes her teachers -  Tim, Anya, Diana, Ira, Valya and Music teacher Katya very much. She loves going to the kindergarten at Kids'Estate! Thank you to the wonderful team at Kids'Estate for this very pleasant and happy experience!